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Providing supply chain management solutions to Ottawa's largest technology and manufacturing companies.


At Orange Logistics Centres our facility offers over 30,000 sqft of material handling capabilities in a secure climate controlled environment.

Fast & Efficient

Six dock level and two ground level loading bays provide rapid loading and offloading of products with virtually no size restrictions.


We are located within a 11 km (7 miles) radius of Ottawa’s largest technology, biotech and contract manufactures.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the future. At Orange Logistics Centres we have created 3PL solutions for the wind and solar industry. Our loading bays and lift equipment can handle heavy inverters to long turbine blades. These units, along with other materials can be stored, staged and shipped rapidly optimizing our customers supply chain.


Timely movement of raw material through the supply chain for these manufactures is critical. At Orange Logistics Centres, our proximity to Ottawa’s largest manufactures allows us to provide continuous material transfers throughout the day.

Contract Manufacturers

The various client build requests contract manufactures handle on a daily basis requires numerous parts movement to and from their 3PL provider. The attributes of the Orange Logistics Centres facility ensures raw materials are on hand when our customers require them.


Please contact us to review your 3PL requirements.

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      TEL: 613-836-5388 | FAX: 613-836-0968

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